Renewable Natural Gas from the Industry Experts

Renewable Natural Gas from the Industry Experts

Whether you’re a vehicle fleet owner looking to reduce your carbon footprint, a company that relies on Constrained Natural Gas (CNG) for power, or a Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) producer who wants to market your product to a wider audience, Pioneer Renewable Energy Marketing can help you. Our two-pronged approach to RNG works like this:

Securing RNG for Transportation, Utilites, & More

We secure RNG for fleet owners and CNG station owners, as well as consult in the development of CNG stations. RNG can also be used for power generation by municipal utilities and at institutions with carbon reduction goals.

Marketing for RNG Producers

We provide marketing for RNG producers and leverage environmental attributes such as Renewable Identification Numbers (RINS) and Low Carbon Fuel Standards (LCFS).

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What Is Renewable Natural Gas?

RNG is biogas that’s been upgraded for use in place of fossil natural gas. The biogas used to make RNG comes from a variety of renewable resources, including municipal solid waste landfills, livestock farms, and more.

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