BTU Management

BTU Management

PREM can help heavy industrial power users and power producers hedge against natural gas price fluctuations in winter months.

What is it?

Pioneer Renewable Energy Marketing (PREM) and its team members have specialized expertise in the physical delivery of fossil, alternative, and renewable energy markets. Our proficiency in these markets allows us to assess your entire energy portfolio and deliver a range of tailored solutions to hedge against price fluctuations.

Fossil Fuels

PREM has extensive experience in fossil pipeline natural gas, heating oil, on/off road diesel fuel, propane, and fossil power. We are equipped to manage the supply and physical delivery of all the above.

Virtual Pipeline

With a rich history of delivering fossil natural gas as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), PREM can also evaluate location-specific requirements to determine the most cost-effective BTU solution.

Renewable Fuels

Drawing from our extensive knowledge of fossil fuels, PREM can seamlessly integrate renewable energy into your organization’s energy portfolio. Renewable fuel delivery can be done physically or virtually as an offset.

In regions where pipeline natural gas supply becomes constrained during periods of peak demand, PREM is here to help. We specialize in supporting heavy industrial and power producers with our lowest-cost BTU Manager program, particularly in the New England market where price spikes are common during the winter months. With expertise in trucked LNG and trucked propane, we can help end users hedge against daily price fluctuations from November to March.

For end users who do not have access to a natural gas pipeline, PREM can optimize the BTU load between propane and LNG/CNG/SNG. By managing supply, hedging, and transportation, we offer a comprehensive solution for end users.